QSBS Tax Exemption Webinar Slides Available for Download
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Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here.
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October 12, 2022
This newsletter begins with a few of our portfolio startups which have been in the news recently. On popular demand, we have ungated the co-branded webinar we had with EquityMultiple and AcreTrader. Additionally, the slides presented during the QSBS Tax Exemption Education webinar are now available for download.

Our co-founder and CEO was featured on EisnerAmper's blog where she shared her outlook on VC Investing in Deep Tech. Readers may find our deep dive take on Schedule K-1 helpful as we reach the home stretch of the extended tax deadline in the U.S.

Lastly, we are very excited to share our new investor testimonial video where a few of Propel(x)'s member investors come together and share why they joined Propel(x), what keeps them coming back and how the team at Propel(x) helped them personally.

Enjoy the scroll down!
InsightFinder Inc.* raised $10 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Silicon Valley Future Capital with participation from Yu Galaxy, Acadia Woods Partners, Eight Roads Ventures, Eastlink Capital, Fellows Fund, IDEA Fund Partners, and Triangle Tweener Fund. Read more **

The  immuno-oncology company Stingray Therapeutics* received a $2 Million SBIR Phase 2 award from the National Institute of Health. Read more **

Landsdowne Labs*, a company that provides safety coatings for consumer batteries, announced a partnership with CBMM, a leading Brazilian producer of Niobium. Read more **

Brelyon* raised $15 Million Series A to forge new metaverse experiences that go beyond headsets. The round was led by Lockheed Martin and the MIT-affiliated E14 Fund with participation from Corning, LG Technology Ventures, UDC Ventures (the corporate venture arm of Universal Display Corporation) and Franklin Templeton.

TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, invested $1M in
Medcura Inc.* through the new State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI). Read
more **

Disclaimer - All these startups are Propel(x) alumni companies. They were either listed or fundraised through the Propel(x) platform via Propel(x)'s affiliated broker/dealer Hubble Investments.

* These links are gated and you will need to create a free account or sign in to view detailed information on the startup. This includes existing investors, pitch deck, deal terms, management information and much more.

** These links are provided solely as a convenience to readers and they do not imply an affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, approval, investigation, verification, or monitoring by Hubble Investments or any of its affiliates of the contents on such third-party websites.
Join us in a panel discussion where CEOs of three different alternative investment platforms (Startups, Real Estate and Farmland) came together and discussed the role of alternative asset classes in the current investing environment.
QSBS Tax Exemption Education Webinar
We hosted a panel discussion where we discussed the golden circle model – what, how and why of QSBS Tax Exemption for both investors and founders. This webinar was held in partnership with CapGains Inc.

>> Download slides
Trends Watch: VC Investing in Deep Tech
Propel(x)'s co-founder and CEO, Swati Chaturvedi sat down with with Elana Margulies Snyderman at EisnerAmper to share her outlook for VC investing in deep technology.
What is a schedule K-1 for SPVs?
If you are an angel investor, there are chances that you have seen a K-1 before. If you are new to angel investing, the Schedule K-1 is a document you will need to familiarize yourself with due to tax reasons.

The Schedule K-1 can be confusing, so we took the time to detail what it is, who it is for, and how to interpret it.

Propel(x) does not provide tax advice of any kind. Investors should consult their personal tax advisor for all tax related issues.

In case you missed it

>> SPV Investment and Venture Capital
Our investor community is continuously growing and we want to thank you for your support and participation. Excited to share our new video featuring a few of Propel(x)'s member investors where they speak about why did they choose to join Propel(x) and what keeps them coming back to invest more. They also answer how the team at Propel(x) helped them personally.

Click on the image below to watch the video.
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Propel(x) is a digital alternative investment platform that enables accredited investors to invest in startups and venture capital funds. Our customers range from individual accredited investors writing checks as small as $5,000 to some of the largest family offices and funds writing checks of a million dollars or more.
Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here.

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