Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here.
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                     16 June 2021                      
Startup investing made accessible
At Propel(x), we offer a simple and accessible way to invest online. Platform highlights include access to high quality, curated deal flow, broker due diligence reports on all deals that close, flexible investment minimums and low management fee and carry.

All investment opportunities are offered by a Propel(x) affiliate, which is a FINRA member broker-dealer. As such, Propel(x) is obligated to review all the listed deals to provide investor protection and due diligence.

- Swati Chaturvedi, Co-Founder - Propel(x)
Sharing our Wall of Love
We surveyed our current member investors to find out what keeps them coming back on Propel(x) and this is what they said!
" I love the combination of hard science and high quality deals, which is supported by an active base of experts and investors. Overall Propel(x) is a great platform to have access to deals but also to connect with like-minded investors and technologists."

- Mariano Troccoli | Member Investor, Propel(x)
"Via Propel(x) I am able to invest in potentially world changing companies in a very efficient and user friendly way - thanks both to the Propel(x) platform as well as the great customer service of the Propel(x) team!"

- German Uribe | Member Investor, Propel(x)
"The team at Propel(x) is very responsive, organized and diligent. And relative investing in investing in a venture fund, Propel(x) offers an opportunity to self-select the deals that are most interesting to me, yet at about half the front end fees and back end carry of a traditional venture fund, all without giving up the professional screening of deals that a venture fund offers."

- Christopher Gutek | Member
Investor, Propel(x)
Disclaimer: These testimonials have been published with permission and may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success.
Keynote at 'Deep Tech Summit' by Swati Chaturvedi - CEO, Propel(x)

Swati Chaturvedi, CEO of Propel(x), will be discussing fundraising and growth strategy for deep technology as part of her keynote at the 'Deep Tech Summit'.

The free virtual event is hosted by innovation company BMNT Inc. and its enterprise accelerator, H4XLabs, in partnership with Hello Tomorrow, AWS, the Wharton Aerospace Community, the American Energy Society, the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and NSIN, the National Security Innovation Network.

The Deep Tech Connect Summit will

  • Explore trends and opportunities in Deep Tech
  • Connect key players in the United States and global ecosystems
  • Create a network of stakeholders to activate the U.S.’ potential to solve the world’s biggest societal, environmental and industrial problems
Alumni Spotlight
Bambu is a financial innovations company that potentially transforms digital wealth market by designing and creating smart digital investment systems – Robo Advisors – for global financial institutions. With Bambu, these financial instructions are positioned to make investing simpler and more intelligent for their clients. The company’s cloud-based platform is built on its proprietary algorithms and machine learning tools.

Bambu is a Propel(x) alumni company which closed fundraising through the platform in June 2021.
Here is what caught our attention over the past two weeks.
Climate change is becoming a problem you can taste
In this TED Talk, environmental journalist, Amanda Little speaks about how the climate crisis could devastate our food supply and quotes a prediction by The International Panel on Climate Change that by mid-century, the world may reach a threshhold of global warming beyond which current agricultural practices can no longer support large human civilizations.
Fortunately, there are new solutions emerging.
We are reading
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and thus build the next generation of great companies.

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Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x)


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