March 17
, 2021                                  
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Did you know that investing in startups is very very risky and many of the investee companies will fail. You can lose your entire invested capital in some cases. Therefore you should only invest amounts that you are willing to lose entirely. Our co-founder, Swati Chaturvedi shares a decision making framework on 'How much money do I really need to become an angel?'
    Deep technology startups carry significant technology risk. How can an investor diligence these risks without being an expert in the technology? Learn more.
    "I think every entrepreneur faces rejection all the time. If there is something that they can leverage; tools to increase their efficiency, they must do so. The entrepreneur that says, 'I will do it myself' just because, you know, 'I'm going to show the world' well, more power to you."

    Propel(x)'s co-founder, Swati C. shares her unique experience at the rare intersection of entrepreneurship, investment banking and venture capital roles in a freewheeling chat with Gopi Rangan, General Partner - Sure Ventures.
    Public Opinion
    In our last newsletter, we asked 'What will a single bitcoin be worth in 2030?'
    30% of the people who took the poll think that the value of bitcoin will crash and go below USD 10,000. In the earlier days of the poll, the red and blue pie were at a tie but then gradually the share of blue pie went down. As of today, the bitcoin is priced at ~USD 55,000. Stay tuned!

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    Propel(x) covers six sectors within deep technology. If you were investing, which one would you invest in today?    
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      Celebrating Women's History Month
      Thank you SputnikATX for the shout-out to Propel(x).

      We are #1 on the Crunchbase list of top female-led investors in the U.S.
      Alumni Spotlight
      Teselagen - Artificial Intelligence for Biotechnology

      Imagine if you could design and test bio molecules just like you design auto parts - on software. We recently closed the financing for Teselagen
      - the equivalent of Autodesk
      for biotech. Click on the below image to see how the technology works.
      Damon Motors Raises $30M; Secures $20M in Preorders

      Damon Motors announced it has raised more than $30M in funding, completing a bridge round led by Benevolent Capital, SOL Global Investments, Zirmania, and others. The financing couples with skyrocketing preorder sales that have now reached $20M for the exhilarating line of HyperSport motorcycles.

      Damon Motors is a Propel(x) alumni company and was listed on our platform in August 2020.


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