With Assure shutting down, Propel(x) is offering reliable SPV transition services
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Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here.
This newsletter is for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy or sell a security.

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November 30, 2022
For those of you who regularly invest via special purpose vehicles, either through Propel(x) or through other channels, you may have heard that Assure Services, one of the largest SPV providers in the country, has decided to wind down operations and will no longer support its customers.

Propel(x) transitioned from Assure in 2020 so that we could more confidently serve our SPV investors. In the interim, we have built out our own SPV business, Planck Fund Management Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Propel(x) that is exclusively focused on SPV fund management.

Propel(x) offers affordable and reliable fund management services through Planck Fund Management Corporation.

If you've ever participated through an SPV as an investor, please contact your SPV manager and introduce them to Propel(x) via the

View details and pricing information here

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Animal health biologics company Torigen Pharmaceuticals* announced the close of their $13M Series A (Yahoo)**

MIT spin-off Brelyon* launched a partnership with Sports Connect to bring their immersive display technology to esports enthusiasts (Newswire)**

Respeecher*, a voice cloning company founded in 2018 and based in Ukraine, is currently working with LucasFilm to provide voice services for the Star Wars projects (Discover Magazine)**

Varo Bank* now offers Zelle (Newswire)**

Health tech company CardieX acquires wearable sensor startup Blumio* (Newswire)**

Smart traffic monitoring provider Hayden AI* granted patent for safe sense traffic violation reporting app (Business Wire)**

Neocis* Yomi Robotic System Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Bone Reduction (Newswire)**

Climate tech firm Scepter, Inc. to launch methane-detection balloons in Texas’ Permian Basin (Business Wire)**

Kiwibot* launches more campus delivery bots, opens Franklin & Marshall Colleges operations in PA (WGAL)**

Disclaimer - All these startups are Propel(x) alumni companies. They were either listed or fundraised through the Propel(x) platform via Propel(x)'s affiliated broker/dealer Hubble Investments.

* These links are gated and you will need to create a free account or sign in to view detailed information on the startup. This includes existing investors, pitch deck, deal terms, management information and much more.

** These links are provided solely as a convenience to readers and they do not imply an affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, approval, investigation, verification, or monitoring by Hubble Investments or any of its affiliates of the contents on such third-party websites.
Propel(x) has introduced access to the Svelland Global Trading Fund (SGTF) — a commodities focused hedge fund run by Svelland Capital. This offering is for qualified purchasers only.

The SGTF focuses on the
commodities sector. The strategy trades across three buckets:

1) Commodity Futures and Options.
2) Commodity & Renewable Related Equities and
3) Freight Futures.

At present, the Fund doesn’t trade coal or power.

Investor Networking & Deal Flow Mixer | In Person | 17 November - 3 PM PT

Thanks to everyone who joined us at our in-person networking event. It was an incredible reminder of the depth of this community. If you missed the event and wish to learn about how we work with VCs on placing their pro-rata, let's talk. This chat is for accredited investors only.
Backstage Pass Access to one of the Best Alternative Investment Platforms
Have you ever been to a concert and wished you could be one of the cool kids with an “Access All Areas” lanyard hanging around your neck?

As potentially one of the best alternative investment platforms on the market, Propel(x) can provide investors with backstage pass access to alternative investments. We’ve come a long way since we launched as a specialist in deep technology startup investing and have now evolved into a multi-asset alternative investment platform.

SPV Investment and Venture Capital
One of the barriers to venture capital investing can be the large check sizes that are often needed to gain access to startup investment opportunities. An SPV can help investors gain access to venture capital opportunities by allowing multiple investors to pool their resources and invest as a group, often called a “syndicate”.
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Propel(x) is a digital alternative investment platform that enables accredited investors and  qualified purchasers to invest in startups, venture funds and hedge funds. All securities offerings are done through either Propel(x)’s affiliated broker-dealer, Hubble Investments or Planck Fund Management Corp., a subsidiary of Propel(x).
Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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