How do rising interest rates affect venture capital?
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Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here.
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August 24, 2022
In this newsletter, we cover a few of our portfolio startups which have been in the news recently. This is followed by our Deal Spotlight series where we sat down with Barmak Heshmat, CEO of Brelyon, a deep tech startup focused on metaverse. Considering the current macro trends on rising interest rates, inflation and mixed signals on the possibility of a recession in the U.S., we share two thought leadership pieces from an investor lens. Readers will also benefit from our CEO's recent podcast episode on This Week in FinTech.

Lastly, we had two great webinars in mid-August addressing the topic of Driving Productivity and Sustainability across the AgTech ecosystem and Diversifying through Alternatives. For those interested, you can still watch the webinar replays.

Enjoy the scroll down!
Propel(x)'s portfolio company - MedWand ** received FDA 501(k) clearance recently. The company's evaluation kit, mobile clinic, and remote clinic are now commercially available. Read more.*

Avails Medical **, a medical diagnostics company dedicated to developing products to solve the antibiotic resistance issue, recently announced "the commencement of U.S. pivotal clinical trials for its eQUANT system" which enables faster bloodstream infection diagnostics. The trial results will be "used to support a submission for FDA clearance." Read more.*

Vartega **, a recycler of carbon fiber and composite materials, has had a very busy summer so far. Not only has company raised an oversubscribed $5 million Series Seed Read II round, but it is also expanding its production capacity from its current facility as well as the new 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Read more.*

TaskHuman **, an on-demand personal and professional coaching platform, officially announced its $20M Series B led by Madrona, with the participation of Impact Venture Capital, Sure Ventures, RingCentral and Zoom. A Propel(x) syndicate participated in the round as well in June. Read more.*

Landsdowne Labs **, a Propel(x) portfolio company was in the news recently regarding a new law aimed at making it harder for children to ingest batteries. Read more.*

"Hayden AI **, an emerging leader in smart traffic enforcement powered by artificial intelligence, recently announced that it has signed a contract with the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) for deployment of 300 interior mounted Automated Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) camera systems." Read more.*

*These links are provided solely as a convenience to readers and they do not imply an affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, approval, investigation, verification, or monitoring by Hubble Investments or any of its affiliates of the contents on such third-party websites.

** These links are gated and you will need to create a free account or sign in to view detailed information on the startup. This includes existing investors, pitch deck, deal terms, management information and much more.
Background - We kickstarted a bi-monthly video series where we shine the spotlight on deals which were previously featured and raised funding through the Propel(x) platform.
For the second spotlight session, Propel(x) had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Barmak Heshmat, the CEO and founder of Brelyon. Barmak spoke about Brelyon’s mission and vision to bring an innovative new display technology to market, his experience raising capital with Propel(x), lessons learned and Brelyon’s future plans.
How do rising rates affect venture capital?
TL;DR: Interest rate increases are likely throughout 2022 and 2023. I believe that public markets are unlikely to bottom out until interest rates stop rising. In the meantime, private markets are also unsettled as major pension funds seem to be holding back investment commitments. In this environment of uncertainty, the silver lining is a reduction in valuations for some deals. This could potentially be an opportunity for savvy investors to pick out and invest in promising deals at lower valuations. - Swati Chaturvedi
What to Invest in During Inflation?
An inflation surge presents an opportunity for investors to carefully consider what to invest in during inflation. This can include reviewing their investment portfolio, assessing their vulnerability to inflationary effects, and evaluating potential options to protect downside risk and optimize returns.
Podcast Episode - This Week in Fintech
Propel(x)'s co-founder and CEO, Swati Chaturvedi sat down with This Week in Fintech to speak about her experience at the intersection of entrepreneurship, investing and impact.

Watch out for the rapid fire questions towards the end which Swati has not answered before on any other podcast show!

The ever increasing global population continues to drive the need for food.

However, due to environment factors such as deforestation, water scarcity, extreme weather and the destruction of fertile lands through the overuse of fertilizer, the AgTech sector is facing rising problems around yield, nutrition and sustainability. All three stakeholder groups – Consumers, Businesses and Farmers are being affected with this challenge.

We hosted a panel discussion where we addressed the increasingly important role of technology and innovation in the rapidly changing food chain ecosystem. We also discussed related topics on supply chain shortage, inflation and climate change.
Alternative investments (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Real Assets and Collectibles) are considered to be un-correlated to the public markets and therefore provide an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio and potentially reduce overall risk exposure across investments. A few alternative asset classes can also potentially provide a hedge against inflation.

We hosted a panel discussion where CEOs of three different alternative investment platforms (Startups, Real Estate and Farmland) came together and discussed the role of alternative asset classes in the current investing environment.
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Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here.

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