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                   1 February 2022                      
Here is what caught our attention over the past few weeks.
We are reading
Alumni Startups Spotlight
Shield AI, a defense technology company developing AI and self-driving technologies for aircraft, establishes international office in UAE under the leadership of Bob Harward, a retired United States Navy Vice Admiral who was leading Lockheed Martin's presence in the Middle East prior to joining Shield AI. Read more here.*

Smoltek, a publicly listed company in Sweden that provides conductive carbon technology to the semiconductor industry, extends evaluation agreement with global manufacturer of capacitors. Read more here.*

Aromyx, a leading company in applying biotechnology and data science to capture unique sensory data, recently added Elise Kern to its executive team as SVP of Data and Insights. Elise brings decades of experience in the Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods industries, primarily focused on understanding sales trends and consumer behavior in the retail environment, to Aromyx. Read more here.*

Yomi, a robot-assisted surgical device developed by the healthcare start-up Neocis, has placed over 10,000 dental implants since its commercial launch. Read more here.*

InterVenn Biosciences (f.k.a. Venn Bio), one of the leading companies in glycoproteomics, has recently named Brian Hogan as Chief Financial Officer. Brian, who previously was CFO of Clear Labs,  brings over 20 years of finance and leadership experience in public and private companies to InterVenn. Read more here.*

*These links are provided solely as a convenience to readers and they do not imply an affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, approval, investigation, verification, or monitoring by Hubble Investments or any of its affiliates of the contents on such third-party websites.

Leveraging Technology to Increase Access to Early-Stage Capital
"Looking at investment opportunities, investors can expect to find deep tech and fintech startups on the Propel(x) platform, as well as venture capital funds. We work across stages with startups, offering Early Stage (Series A), Growth Stage (Series B, C), and Late stage (Series D or later) investment opportunities. Propel(x) portfolio companies have cumulatively raised $1.5B+ from Propel(x) and other sources! " - Swati Chaturvedi, Co-founder and CEO, Propel(x)
Webinar Replay Available - Tax Incentives and Benefits for Angel Investors in Startups
Do you want to know about the potential tax savings associated with angel investing?

On January 20, 2022, we hosted an interactive panel discussion where our CEO Swati Chaturvedi spoke with Tim Kelly, CFO of Kelly Ventures on various tax related topics. Tim is a pioneer in introducing multi-class LLC structures to angel groups in Silicon Valley.

Topics of Discussion Included
  • Multi Series LLC (SPV)
  • Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) and Rollover Deferral
  • What to do when you are stuck with Worthless Stock
  • Using Tax Credits to Offset Payroll Liability

You can download the slides presented during the webinar here

1. We do not provide tax advice. You should consult your personal tax advisor for any tax related questions.
2. This webinar is for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation or offer to purchase or sell any security, nor should this information be construed as advice for investment decisions.

Previously closed deals on Propel(x)

Financial Inc.

Cover Financial Inc., (Cover) is an innovative insurance technology platform that is built to provide a holistic solution for the underserved in the insurance market.


LARQ is a sustainable hydration technology brand. With patented technologies in disinfection, purification and sensing combined with award winning design, LARQ is building a hydration product portfolio aimed at providing people access to pristine drinking water easily and sustainably.

Serinus Labs

EV battery fire has been a key challenge for all lithium-ion batteries used in EVs today. Serinus Labs is a UC Berkeley spin-off that is developing a low cost and robust sensor solution to detect Electric Vehicle (EV) battery failures that can lead to battery fire and explosion.

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Investments on Propel(x) are high risk, illiquid and bear the risk of partial or complete loss of invested capital. Please review risk factors for investments on Propel(x) here.

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